Ikea Artificial Plants Australia

ikea artificial plants australia

If you’re thinking of decorating your home with an ikea artificial plants australia, you’ve come to the right place! From SMYCKA Artificial Green Tillandsia Air Plant to FEJKA Artificial Potted House Bamboo Plant, you’ll find the best options for any home. Read on for more information. Also, check out the customer reviews for these products and you’re sure to find one you’ll love.

SMYCKA Artificial Green Tillandsia Air Plant

The SMYCKA Artificial Green Tillandasia Air Plant from Ikea is a great addition to any room. Tillandsias are arboreal plants that look like frosted leaves, and their water-absorbent cells make them ideal for rooms that get bright but filtered light. The xeric types, on the other hand, have gray leaves and are best suited to bright, filtered light. For best results, place the plant 12″ away from a window and use a full-spectrum artificial light.

Unlike real plants, this artificial plant can be hung from the walls or hung on furniture. Made of Polyethylene, the SMYCKA Artificial Green Tillandsia Air Plant from Ikea is easy to clean with a dry cloth. It is also 2 inches high and weighs less than a gram. You can purchase it at Ikea’s online store for $2.99.

This artificial air plant comes in two varieties: xeric and mesic. Xeric air plants, which are native to drier climates, have a higher concentration of trichomes. The trichomes allow for a larger surface area to absorb water and light. While xeric plants tend to look grayer, they don’t need water.

FEJKA Artificial Potted House Bamboo Plant

You do not have to be a green thumb to have a beautiful bamboo plant in your house! You can have a FEJKA Artificial Potted House Bamboo Plant and not worry about having a green thumb! Unlike real bamboo, FEJKA is a realistic and life-like artificial plant that does not require massive amounts of water, humidity, or nearly uncontrollable growth. You can enjoy the beauty of your plant for years to come without having to worry about its maintenance.