Burglar Alarms Kent

There is a lot to be said for protecting your property and family from burglars. A home without a burglar alarm is far more likely to be targeted, while a well-fitted and regularly maintained security system will reduce the chances of a break-in happening.

Burglar alarms are a vital piece of security equipment and can be installed on a wide range of premises, from homes to commercial buildings. These systems use sensors and contacts to detect any unauthorised movement on or around the premises, upon which a loud alarm is produced to alert others that there is a break-in occurring.

Understanding Burglar Alarms

The basic components of a burglar alarm system are a control panel, an ionisation sensor and a contact switch. These are linked together by a wiring network, which will sound an audible and/or visual alarm when an intruder is detected.

A professional installer will fit the system with a range of features, including a keyholder notification service and Police response (where compliant). They should also provide you with a maintenance contract, which ensures that your alarm is checked once a year.

Choosing the Right Burglar Alarm for Your Property

There are many different types of Burglar Alarms Kent, and each one has its own unique set of features and specifications. Choosing the right security system for your home can be difficult, so it is important to speak with a specialist who will listen to your needs and advise you accordingly.

Some companies offer a full range of solutions, while others specialise in specific areas. Here are some of the leading companies that provide burglar alarms in Kent:

Sonitrol – Since 1978

Sonitorol is an electronic security company that provides installation services for a variety of products, from CCTV systems to fire alarms and intrusion detection systems. It is based in Kent and serves residential and commercial clients.

Washington Alarm – Serving residential and commercial property owners, this firm installs alarm systems, access control systems, and other security systems. It has been in business for over a decade and is UL-certified in fire alarm installation.

Meridian Security & Electric Inc – For almost three decades, this firm has been providing home and commercial security solutions for its clients in Kent and the surrounding area. It is a member of the American Board of Burglar Detection and Prevention, AWB, and ESA of Washington.

They also offer smart cameras and facial recognition, which use “space age biometrics” to read a person’s face to prevent theft.

Facial recognition is a great way to secure your property, and it uses advanced technology to identify a person and then alert an officer if there is anything unusual happening.

You can get a free installation of a security camera or video doorbell with the purchase of a Kent security package from Guardian Alarm. This company also offers 24-hour monitoring, so you can be sure your home or business is always protected against break-ins and other security threats.