Brescia University offers students the opportunity to study English Language

Brescia University offers students the opportunity to study English Language and Literature. This program combines study of classic literature with advanced communication skills. Students can enroll in courses that focus on Old English poetry, Victorian and modern writers, and literatures produced by ethnic minorities. In addition to reading and studying literary texts, students are expected to relate them to their cultural context.

Students in Brescia’s English program are encouraged to consider a career in law, public service, communications, or healthcare. Students may also want to consider a job in business, advertising, or marketing. The program is flexible enough to allow students to change majors or shift to another degree track in a few years. Many of the courses are offered online.

The first course, a language and literature course, introduces the critical study of texts. It covers the basics of reading and writing in 17 languages, and it provides the opportunity to explore a language’s cultural development through its media forms.

Students can choose to take an Introduction to American Literature course, which introduces the principal forms of American literature from the Puritans to the Civil War era. If they want to focus on writing, students can enroll in a 200-level literature class. Other options include taking a course in Shakespeare, which focuses on the plays of the Bard. These courses will require prerequisites of English 102 or 103. However, they can be taken for credit if an advisor approves.

Students should plan to spend a lot of time reading outside of theĀ Click the Following Page classroom. Aside from coursework, students are expected to take part in reading, seminars, and group discussions. Taking these courses will give them a chance to test their ideas on other students. There is also an opportunity to showcase their creativity in Brescia’s in-house journal.

During the semester, students will be enrolled in on average four modules. Each module will cover a different subject. For example, a course in Shakespeare will be a comprehensive introduction to the Bard’s plays, covering both the syllabary and the basic sentence structure of the English language. They will also review the principles of punctuation and sentence formation.

English literature classes are available in 17 languages. Students can also participate in language ab initio (SL), a course geared for students without prior knowledge of the language. Some English courses offer students the opportunity to work on a major project, which can include research, editing, and writing.

The English Department at Brescia University College is composed of academically recognized professors, who will guide students through their studies. Courses can be taken as part of a four-year Honors Specialization in English Language and Literature, a special Minor for Teachers, or as part of an option in another degree program.

All students in the English program have the opportunity to attend writing classes, which are designed to develop advanced writing skills. Writing courses are especially beneficial to students who are preparing for graduate studies. Taking a writing class will require the student to read a range of literary texts and journals and write papers, which may involve research.